Keep track of residents and staff by leveraging wearable technology at your long-term care facility

Whether you’re tracking residents to ensure safe distance is kept for COVID-19 purposes, or tracking staff to ensure they haven’t worked at a facility that has an outbreak, CONTACT CONNECTTM can help make your facility safe.


Easy to use

Low-energy Bluetooth wearables are unobtrusive and easy to use. Simply set up beacons across your facility and give each resident their own wearable device.


With CONTACT CONNECT, you can turn your staffs Bluetooth device into an ID badge to help digitize all of your processes.

Accurate tracking

Know exactly who residents or staff members have interacted with in the event a COVID outbreak occurs for fast and reliable contact tracing.

Maintain Privacy

CONTACT CONNECT never stores personal or medical information on people, as the badge IDs are anonymized. Data is always encrypted for security.


Wearable devices

Assign a low-energy Bluetooth wearable devices for each resident and staff member. Devices can be programmed to act as security badges for staff members and are easy for residents to wear on their wrist, in their wallet or around their neck.



Install beacons throughout your facility to help pin-point the location of residents and staff members in the event a COVID outbreak occurs. Alternatively, wearable devices can alert residents if they’re too close to other residents.

Admin dashboard

From an administrative platform, monitor, track and run reports to help with contact tracing for your facilities, or to help better understand staffing requirements across your facilities.


It's simple to get started.