One secure platform to screen, track and report COVID-19 in the workplace.

SimpleTrack is made up of daily self-assessments, alert notifications, risk analysis, control measures, and reporting for health and safety committees.

Automated screening

Secure, accessible mobile pre-screening forms that are customizable and automatically updated to keep with best practices

Risk analysis and notifications

Receive automatic notifications of high-risk users to kick-start your investigation, control and mitigation efforts

Reporting dashboard

Generate customized reports, detailed graphs, charts and contact information to trace potential COVID-19 interaction

Self-assessment at point-of-entry

Your organization's staff can complete a digital self-assessment before attempting to enter a facility. Users perform the assessment through their personal phone, a local tablet, or stationed attendant. You can pair the app with posted notices of entry restriction at your facility until a successful assessment is complete. The app can also provide reminders to employees via email notification. 

Risk analysis

The automated screening tool evaluates employee and visitor risk profiles based on symptoms, travel, exposed interactions and a risk analysis that mirrors recommendations from health authorities. 

Risk alert notifications

Supervisors and site administrators receive automatic notifications of high-risk users, which kick-starts your investigation, control and mitigation efforts. The user taking the assessment receives an admittance notice and immediate instructions based on health authority recommendations (seek immediate medical attention, contact doctor, self-isolate, monitor symptoms, etc.).

Site administrators can then notify the employer or site contact of the user's results through the app, begin to implement corrective cleaning and isolation measures, and report results to health and safety committees for further analysis with work exposure.

Reporting dashboards 

Customized reports, detailed graphs, charts and contact information can be generated, including:

  • Building occupancy/capacity tracking
  • Adherence to assessments
  • Access restriction tracking
  • Contact tracing to those possibly exposed to an infected individual 

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