Open Your Building, Safely

Get ready to schedule appointments, track who is entering your buildings and download reports for quick and easy contact tracing with Simple Track. 

Schedule Appointments and Track Visitors with a Secure Booking and Tracking Solution.

Fulfill your obligations to protect workers from COVID-19 in the workplace. 

Why SimpleTrack? 

Simplify Bookings

Make it easier for visitors and customers to schedule appointments at your office. 

Keep your facilities safe

Set up point of access control measures to evaluate staff and visitors before they enter your facilities or job sites. 

Keep Compliant 

Ensure you're remaining compliant with regulatory health and safety protocols to keep your entire workforce safe.

Highly customizable for your business

Simple Track allows your business to pick and choose what tools you need to safely reopen. Whether you need it for appointment bookings or for digital daily check-ins, Simple Track can be customized to suit your reopening strategy.  

Industries we work with


All levels of government including federal, provincial, and municipal 

Professional Services

Service providers that work on behalf of public sector organizations


Our solution helps publically operated health authorities and hospitals.


We work with school boards, colleges and Universities. 


We provide solutions for organizations in heavy industrial segments.

It's simple to get started. 

Our team can get you up and running in as little as 24 hours.